W. K. C. Guthrie.
A History of Greek Philosophy.
Vol. V. The Later Plato and the Academy

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List of Abbreviations
I. Cratylus
Date; dramatic date; characters
The dialogue
Additional note: an ideal language?
II. Parmenides, Theaetetus, Sophist, Politicus
(1) Parmenides
Part One (1263-35 d)
Conclusion on Part One
Transition to Part Two
Part Two (1370-660)
(2) Theaetetus
(1) Knowledge as perception (151 d-86e)
Digression: the philosopher and the practical man (172C-77C)
Excursus: evil and its sources
Return to (1)
(2) Knowledge as true judgement (doxa) (187 b-201c)
(3) Knowledge as true judgement with a logos (201c-10b)
(3) Sophist
The status of 'what is not' and the criterion of being (237a-48e)
Additional notes
(4) Politicus
Introduction, outline and general remarks
(1) Logic and method
(2) Forms in the Politicus
(3) The myth
(4) Political theory
(5) Ethics and psychology
Appendix: Elements of the myth
III. Philebus
IV. Timaeus and Critias
Framework and purpose
Atlantis {Tim. 20d-25d, Crit. 108e-21c)
The 'probable account'
Maker, Model and Material
What exactly 'enters and leaves' the Receptacle?
What is the cause of pre-cosmic motion?
Creation of cosmos (29d-34b)
Construction of the primary bodies (53c—57d)
Soul of the cosmos (34b-36d)
Time and creation
Creation of living creatures: nature and fate of the human soul (39e-42c)
Additional notes
Necessity and design in the natures of men (61c-90d)
Appendix: the narrative order
V. Laws
(1) Introductory conversation (bks 1-3)
(2) The city of the Laws
(3) Life in Plato's city
(4) Religion and theology
Additional note: Is soul something created?
(5) Preservation of the laws: the Nocturnal Council
(6) The Laws in Plato's philosophy
(7) Conclusion
VI. Doubtful and Spurious Dialogues
VII Letters
The philosophical section of the Seventh Letter
VIII. Plato's 'Unwritten' Metaphysics

Introduction: the modern thesis
A glance at the evidence
Content of the unwritten doctrine
IX. Postscript To Plato
X Plato's Associates
Heraclides Ponticus

I Index of passages quoted or referred to
II General index
III Index of Greek words