John M. Rist.
Man, Soul and Body. Essays in Ancient Thought from Plato to Dionysius

Plato says that we have tripartite souls. If he is right, what can we do about it?
(Sophies Maietores: Chercheurs de Sagesse: Hommage à Jean Pépin. Paris: Institut d'Études Augustiniennes, 1992)

The theory and practice of Plato's Cratylus
(Greek Poetry and Philosophy: Studies in Honour of Leonard Woodbury, ed. Douglas E. Gerber. Chico, Calif.: Scholars Press, 1984)

Parmenides and Plato's Parmenides
(The Classical Quarterly 20, no. 2. Oxford, 1970)

Arisrotle: the value of man and the origin of morality
(Canadian Journal of Philosophy 4. no. 1. Calgary, 1974)

On Greek biology, Greek cosmology and some sources of theological pneuma
(Prudentia suppl. no. 1985. Auckland, 1985)

Zeno and Stoic consistency
(Phronesis 22, no. 2. Assen, 1977)

The Stoic concept of detachment
(The Stoics, ed. John M. Rist. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press, 1978)

Are you a Stoic? The case of Marcus Aurelius
(Jewish and Christian Self-Definition , ed. Ben F. Meyer and E. P. Sanders. London: SCM Press, 1982)

Epictetus: Ex-slave
(Dialectic 24. Newcastle, NSW, 1985)

Seneca and Stoic orthodoxy
(Aufstieg und Niedergang der Römischen Welt 36, no. 3. Berlin/New York, 1989)

Plotinus on matter and evil
(Phronesis 6. Assen, 1961)

The Indefinite Dyad and Intelligible Matter in Plotinus
(The Classical Quarterly 12, no. 1. Oxford, 1962)

Plotinus and the Daimonion of Socrates
(Phoenix. Journal of the Classical Assoication of Canada 17. Toronto. 1963)

Back to the mysticism of Plotinus: some more specifics
(Journal of the History of Philosophy 27, no. 2. Atlanta, Ga., 1989)

Is Plotinus' body too etherialized?
(Prudentia suppl. no. 1993. Auckland, 1993)

Pseudo-Ammonius and the soulhody problem in some Platonic texts of late antiquity (American Journal of Philology 109. Baltimore, Md., 1988)

Pseudo-Dionysius, Neoplatonism and the weakness of the soul
(From Athens to Chartres: Neoplatonism and Medieval Thought. Studies in Honour of Edouard Jeauneau, ed. Haijo J. Westra. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1992)

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