Sean M.
The Gnostics. The First Christian Heretics



1: Gnosticism and Christianity
The First Christian Heretics?, The Origins of Christianity, The Origins of Gnosticism

2: Beliefs and Myths
Gnosis, Dualism, Gnostic Creation Myths,The Gnostic World View

3:Teachers and Traditions
First-Century Gnostic Teachers, Basilides, Marcion,Valentinus,Later Gnostics, ‘Libertine’ Gnostics, Sethians and Ophites, Organisation and Sacraments

4: Gnostic Religions
The Mandaeans, Mandaean Texts, The Manichaeans, Manichaean Texts, Hermeticism, Jewish & Islamic Gnosticism

5:Texts and Gospels
The Apocryphon of John, The Gospel of Truth, The Gospel of Thomas, The Treatise on the Resurrection, The Gospel of Philip, The Gospel of Mary, The Gnostic Feminine, The Laughing and Dancing Jesus, The Gospel of Judas,The Council of Nicaea and the Letter of Athanasius

6: Influence and Legacy
The Great Heresy, The Gnostic Renaissance, The Gnostic Enlightenment, The Existentialists, The Occult Revival, Gnostic Themes in Literature, Gnosticism in Popular Culture,The First Christian Heretics

Appendix I: Glossary
Appendix II: Gnosticism and Buddhism


Suggestions for Further Reading


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