Research projects

Standing Projects



A Research Project “From the history of the 17-th century Cambridge Platonism: the translation and comments to the philosophical work by Ralph Cudworth “ A Treatise on Eternal and Immutable Morality”



A Research Project “In the Shadow of Renaissance: the second Scholastics in Spain



A Research Project “Platonism in European and Russian Cultures: Interplay and Cultures Dialogue”


A Research Project “Christianity in Roman Empire in II–III centuries. (To a problem of some interrelation of some new religious trends and the traditional society and state)



A Research Project “Neo-Platonism and Yogacara School: Discourse Typology Report”


A Research Project “Science Paradigms and Lines of the antique philosophy. The antique philosophy and science, the method problems and antique thought”



A Research Project “Antique philosophy of Politics”


A Research Project “Summa of Christianity”


A Research Project “Principate system in Rome in Juliuses Claudiuses period (14&ndas;68 A. D.)



A Research Project “To the History of philosophical and religious thought during Late Antiquity (the translation and comments to the Middle Platonists Sources such as Numenius of Apamea and Origen the Pagan)”